Chairman’s Message

We have a little to tell, and a lot to do.

Was there anyone who would stand against this persecution, injustice and chaos to say stop?

Was there anyone who is ready to take the responsibility of the fact of “…Allah, orders to goodness and justice…” and who uses all what he has for this case? Was there any heroes who were ready to do it?

Was there any society of industrialists and businessmen who refuse bank interests and who were ready to say “Stop, you are trying to shape who?” And to say “The property belongs to Allah” to actors of this economic system?

Was there anyone who want to rise against the idea of “The system is like this…” and to yell with “Come here, there is another way!” ?

Was there anyone who say “I won’t stand without saying something” and to say “I won’t stand without saying something, I will yell to let Islam wake up” like M. Akif Ersoy said?

Even if you listen to the pack of lies everybody is awake for what is going on.

Diagnosis is OK… Ideas are in everywhere… Theories are hits each other… There is movement…

While the world is being directed by devil and his partisans with a special formula, there is no one saying “Come on it is the time for action!” for creating a fair system.

There is nothing to offer more than making the ways to have a society with justice and goodness.

The few people who moved on started to give up after some difficulties without listening to Ayah of Holy Quran that states “Don’t worry, don’t loose, if you believe we will rise.”

Would we wait?

Would we wait till the last nice human to die, till the last honor principle to be erase, till the last halal piece of bread to be disappeared?

No. No. No… We won’t wait.

We have already started to gain the pure honey not from the toxic flowers, from halal flowers via thousands of bees to put it in the honey bucket of fair system.

The hive of these bees will be a new world association of world of industrialists and businessmen. This association will be the center of conservative businessmen who are against bank interests, persecution and misery.

There are thousands of Muslim industrialists, businessmen and entrepreneurs who were waiting for this move and we opened this door for them. Like the first drake which fired on Istanbul walls and like first opened holey hole, as the poet said.

We shake hands with our brothers whose their borders are the principles of Allah in such a world that filled up with “The end justifies the means” and “Everything could be done for benefits” principles.

Oh my profit, we went out to this road to reach you…

We hope to see you either in Macca or in Medina.

A New World Industrialist and Businessmen's Association