Has born in Gümüşhane in 1964. In 1965 has moved with his family to Erzincan and studied till high school then he studied economy abroad. In 1994 has established Reform Sport Systems Company, in addition he has established companies in 7 countries. Has a record of proceeding 8.500 projetcs in Turkey and whole the world. 

Reform Group factory is located in Tekirdağ, Çorlu with space of 15.000 m², it consists of 3 main parts (Artificial Grass, Rubber Tiles, Steel Construction) it has succeed to be the only company in Turkey and Europe who meet all the productions in sport sector in its facility. 

Harun Macit has established Reform Group with 8 international awareness brands which are: Reformsports, Refturf, Refyapı, Refkim, Refrubber, Reffloor, Reformekipman and Refziraat. 

As a group the first artificial grass brand who has TSE certificate. in addition FIFA, ITF, IAAF, ISO national and international certificarets which are required to this sector and they represent our country in world. for the last 7 years the group has been evolved rapidly among the successful exporters of our country with ‘Gold and Platin’ awarded by exporting to 70 countries. 

Besides business he has started at a young age scientific and social studies without interrupting, A New World Industrialist and Businessmen's Association International Relation deputy Vice President, Turkish Exporters Assembly Membership, İTKİB - İHİB Board of Directors Member, İKEV (İstanbul Culture Education Foundation, Cansuyu Help Organization, etc. STK continuous works. There are seven puplished books and eight books preparing to be puplished. 
Harun Macit is married and father of 10 children.